Welcome To Georgia
जॉर्जिया करने का स्वागत
مرحبا بكم في جورجيا
Добро пожаловать в Грузию
Bienvenue en Géorgie
Bienvenido a Georgia
Benvenuto a Georgia
Velkommen til Georgia
Willkommen in Georgien
Gürcistan'a hoş geldin
Bun Venit În Georgia
בברכה לגאורגיה
Van Harte Welkom om Georgië
ჩვენთან საქართველოში
Üdvözöljük Georgia
Грузия қош келдіңіз

“Georgian Film Makers” are happy to offer you an opportunity to use an incredible land of Georgia as a movie shooting location. Georgia is situated between the Great Caucasus Mountains to the north, the Black Sea to the west and Lesser Caucasus to the south. Although Georgia is a tiny country with a total of 69,875 km2 on the crossroad of Europe and Asia, it consists of almost all climate zones: Alpine, Subalpine, Temperate, Subtropical and Semiarid territories. Accordingly, the country has got high mountainous landscapes as well as a coastline. The highest peak in Georgia is Glacier Shkhara 5,068 m. which provides with a true bird eye view of diverse landscapes : subalpine and broadleaf forests, spectacular valleys with rivers and canyons, gorgeous highland lakes with snowy peaks, semi deserted areas and other kinds of awe-inspiring natural beauty to film unforgettable images.

Being on the conjunction, Georgia boasts cultural and architectural heritage from both Europe as well as Asia. Furthermore, it has still retained the Soviet urban architecture. This may be the reason why its public and private interiors are so attractive to filmmakers. On the other hand, due to the unique geography and climate, Georgia offers incredible diversity of great scenery, such as distinctive forests, valleys, canyons, mountains, semi-deserts, lakes, rivers, seashore and many more breathtaking locations for filming.

Inspirational locations: shoot subtropical, coastal, alpine mountains, desert and beautiful forest scenes in one day.
Unique and captivating fusion of medieval and modern architecture with Asian, European, and Soviet Styles.
Six climate zones and long sunny days.
Fully accessible public locations free of charge.
Competitive financial incentives: up to 25% off.
Easy to apply cash rebate scheme: One-stop-shop principle and no red-tape.
Business-friendly environment: flexible labor market, cheap energy, and low-taxes (#9 Low Tax Rate Economies-World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report).
Modern infrastructure: three international airports, cargo and passenger ports, and well-connected roads and rail across Georgia.
High speed fiber-optic Internet connectivity across the country.
Film Friendly Society.