For the first stage “Georgian Film Makers” request sending the script so that an appropriate location for the filming is selected.  All the necessary documentation including Visa, as well as accommodation and transportation will be provided. In addition, the filming process related tasks such as renting equipment, conducting casting, calculating the budget will be supported by our partner company at your request. Finally, we will also facilitate in cash rebating process.

We always care about you; therefore we find the best solutions for every budget and adapt our assets to each client’s needs.

Transportation (business-class sedans, vans, minibuses and buses), as well as the selection of the hotels in Georgia.

We are in possession of rental houses in Georgia where we rent equipment.

Our highly professional crews including scouts are always eager for new adventure to find suitable location for each project.

Our location managers are ready to negotiate and get all the necessary permission for the  location and for blocking traffic when required. They are ready to arrange appropriate space for crew and cast, figure out parking areas for production trucks and wagons and generally operate between production crew and external world.

Conducting casting with our partner company which has selected thousands of actors and actresses of all ages, ethnic characters and twins.

We provide the location catering service during the shootings. Depending on crew requirements we can arrange different types of food including local, international, Indian etc. We can arrange dinner delivery to the hotel when required. Except catering and all the services listed above, we provide our overseas partners with Visa and other necessary documentation.

We can rent all kinds of costumes you request.

We collaborate with the companies, which deal with the design and construction of internal and external space.

We will arrange special effects! Explosions, gunfire and designs will be done in the smallest details.

Our financial management is ready to help you with all documents for cash rebate.